Painting Aluminum & Vinyl Siding

Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding by At , we are often asked about painting aluminum and vinyl siding. Aluminum and vinyl siding are often already painted surfaces. This means they can and should be maintained with good prep and fresh paint over time. And while these surfaces can be successfully painted, there are some important issues that can arise from painting them. A professional painter, like CertaPro, always keeps these issues in mind.

It is important to know what type of prep work is required before any paint is applied to aluminum/vinyl siding. Prep work for this type of painting job begins with a good powerwashing to remove any dirt, organic matter that may be growing on the siding, and a 'chalking'.

Chalking is a common issue when painting aluminum or vinyl siding

Chalking is a layer of powder, the same color as the paint, sitting on the surface. It represents the pigment that is left when the resin in the paint degrades over time. As paint normally ages and wears, a small amount of chalk is expected and reflects this natural aging process. However, when poor quality paints are used or surfaces are exposed to high amounts of sun, this aging happens too quickly and the surface becomes highly chalky. In some case fixing a chalking surface requires a bonding primer. Your estimator will be able to discuss this with you if it is required for your unique situation.

Vinyl warping is the other common when painting these materials

Warping is another issue that arising from painting aluminum or vinyl siding. This occurs when a dark color is painted on light siding. The dark color retains the sun's heat and causes the siding to warp. When this occurs, the siding usually will not return to its original shape. Because of this, it is not recommended that aluminum or vinyl siding be painted with any color darker than the original siding color. However, Sherwin Williams makes a vinyl-safe paints in a selection of stock colors that are warrantied not to damage vinyl / aluminum siding.

The bottom line is that while aluminum and vinyl siding can be successfully painted, it's not something that most home owners want to handle on their own. It's best performed by a professional like CertaPro Painters® who not only understand the how to do the work right. And we leave you with beautiful durable finishes that stand the test of time.

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