House Painters in Madrona: <br>CertaPro Painters<sup>®</sup>

House Painters in Madrona:
CertaPro Painters®

The Most Trusted & Referred House Painters You Will Find

We Perform the full range of house painting services.

You're sure to find what you are looking for in our complete list of Exterior Painting Services and Interior Painting Services. From prep, priming and painting to carpentry repairs, specialty coatings, and help with color selection, we are the house painters for all your painting needs.

Read what our customers say about their house painting experience.

We have completed thousands of painting projects, many in your neighborhood, most likely for your neighbors. Read our unedited and unbiased Customer Reviews and see how much our customers love us.

See examples of our house painting work.

Of course! See our portfolio for examples of our craftsmanship, the best of all local house painters. We've probably painted a house on your block!

Meet who will be coming out to your home.

You'll be meeting with one of our seasoned paint estimators, familiar with the architecture and challenges of painting homes just like yours. They will create a written, detailed proposal specifically for you. As for our top-notch crews , we only hire career painters who've shown a commitment to their craft and a focus on customer care.

So, how much will it cost?

The exact figure will depend upon a number of factors and we'll need to discuss your painting project in person, but LESS THAN YOU MIGHT EXPECT!

We look forward to meeting with you, performing a professional evaluation, and answering your questions. Then we will write up a proposal based on your home's unique needs. We'll even discuss payment/financing options before we leave!


"Once I move, if I have any painting to be done, I will hire this group again. All 3 people I worked with were fabulous -- Anne in the office, Justin for sales, and Freddy for actual painting. I couldn't have asked for a better team. I have also recommended this office to my realtor; she is in need of a painter and is in a position to make several other referrals. I wish more companies had this level of customer service!"


Denise D. | Madrona, WA

Madrona is on the western shore of Lake Washington and is made up of beautiful period single family homes. 

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